Thorough Weekly Reviews in Less Time

Find time to finish

Know how long your weekly reviews are.
Schedule enough time to finish.

Review only what's necessary

See when you last reviewed.
Catch up even if you’ve fallen behind.

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Before your Get Clear review, you see how long it usually takes and when you last reviewed
Weekly Review
The best practice recommended of regrouping at an operational level once a week, “bringing up the rear guard,” by getting clean, clear, current, and creative to sustain week-to-week control and focus.
During your Get Current review, you only see the current step you're on and a pausable timer

Focus a step at a time

During a weekly review, see only the current step.
Focus on the review, not work.

Know where you're fast

Time each step to stay focused.
Pause if you're interrupted. Resume when ready.

Try a review

“The Weekly Review is the critical success factor for marrying your larger commitments to your day-to-day activities.”

— David Allen, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Learn where to be faster

See which weekly review steps take longest.
Break them down into steps easier to complete.

Try a review

After your Get Creative review, see how long it took you to accomplish each of the relevant steps

Thorough Weekly Reviews in Less Time

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