About Motivation

Art made Tusk List

Hi there, I'm Art. I started Tusk List in 2020 and enjoy designing for impact.

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What checklists drive me?

I stay on top of my finances with checklists for weekly budgeting and monthly tax prep. I'm also a fan of the clarify that comes from GTD Weekly Reviews. I have even more lists in my design, product, and engineering work.

Lingering questions

After a while, I had some basic questions for all my checklists:

  • when did I last review this checklist?
  • how long does this checklist take?
  • would each step go faster if I time myself?

Nothing answered these questions

I found others with similar checklists and questions.
So, I built Tusk List to get more out of the checklists that drive our work.

What's next?

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